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Caravan Deodoriser Spray - Ocean Mist 100ml

Caravan Deodoriser Spray - Ocean Mist 100ml

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The essence of paradise. Rolling waves, salty ocean air and the warm summer sun. A fresh aquatic fragrance of cooling peppermint, soothing lavender, moss and honey. Relax and unwind with this smooth, pure aqua scent.

Our caravan deodoriser spray, is a must-have product for maintaining a fresh and pleasant atmosphere within your mobile home. Specially crafted for the unique challenges of caravan living, our sprays effectively neutralise unwanted odours, leaving behind a revitalising fragrance that creates a welcoming ambiance. Its convenient spray mechanism allows for effortless application, helping to freshen up confined spaces and eliminate lingering smells from cooking, campfire, or the bathroom. Perfect for ensuring a delightful and inviting environment during your caravan adventures.

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