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Smelly Van Dangle w/ 3 Scent Balls SVB301 Jute Tassle w/ fragrance

Smelly Van Dangle w/ 3 Scent Balls SVB301 Jute Tassle w/ fragrance

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Discover the charm and practicality of our Smelly Van Dangles, designed to infuse your caravan or home with delightful scents that last for weeks. Versatile beyond the caravan, these stylish Van Danglers are equally effective in bathrooms, wardrobes, or any room, complementing any decor with a wide array of appealing styles.

Each Smelly Van Dangler includes 10ml of your preferred Essential or Fragrant oil, offering up to 6 months of continuous scent. Replenish effortlessly by adding your chosen fragrance directly onto the absorbent balls, adjusting the intensity to suit your preference. Extend the lifespan by reusing them again and again. Additional fragrance oils are available separately, or personalise with your own essential oil blend.

Crafted with strong woven string and a convenient clasp, our Smelly Van Dangles are easily attachable and removable from any fixture, whether in your caravan, bathroom, car, or home.  The clasp's off-centre positioning ensures tidy placement over hooks or cupboard knobs for seamless integration into your space.

Suction Cups sold separately for mounting on glass, mirrors or cabinetry. 

Any Out Of Stock Pre-Orders will be delivered in approximately 2 weeks.

Keep out of reach of children, Recommended to remove for travel. 

To avoid staining, we don't recommend putting oil on white balls. 

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