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Van Fizzers

Van Fizzers Gift Pack - Fragrance Oil Blend Scents

Van Fizzers Gift Pack - Fragrance Oil Blend Scents

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Shower Fizzer Scent
Van Diffuser Scent
Caravan Spray Scent

Embrace the joy of giving with a present that turns a caravan into a fragrant retreat and will enhance a holiday experience for those who love life on the road.

Inside the gift pack, recipients will discover three double packs of our luxurious Shower Fizzers, designed to transform their caravan shower into a spa-like retreat. Unwind with the enticing scents as the fizzy effervescence turns an ordinary shower into a pampering oasis.

Also included is a specially crafted Scented Caravan Diffuser to infuse their mobile haven with delightful aromas. Let the captivating fragrances create an inviting atmosphere, making every moment in the caravan a sensory delight.

Additionally, our unique Scented Caravan Spray adds the perfect finishing touch, ensuring a refreshing burst of fragrance at their fingertips.

 Our gift pack is packaged in a stylish tray and gift wrapped ready to give, It’s the ideal way to bring a touch of luxury and relaxation to the holiday season for the caravanning enthusiast in your life.

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