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Van Fizzers

Vanilla Caramel scented Van Fizzer

Vanilla Caramel scented Van Fizzer

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Treat yourself to a truly luxurious shower experience - all it takes is this delicious Vanilla Caramel scented Van Fizzer! For those on the road, this fizzer creates a spa-like atmosphere with its heavenly aroma of Vanilla & Caramel.

Van Fizzers have been formulated specifically for use in Caravans/Campers/Motorhomes, but will work equally well in your home shower.
  • Color Free
  • Sanitises shower floor and drains
  • Fills your home on wheels with fresh scents
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Helps reduce build up on caravan shower floors & in drains
  • Sanitise & refresh toilet cassette between uses
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